Monday, March 6, 2017

The Ins and Outs of Life{365} 2/17

This month I chose Flora from Carte Bella Paper as our papers for Life{365}.
I fell in love with the colors and patterns.

Here are your four layouts for the month

I wanted to point out a few little ins and outs to making this a successful month for each of our subscribers.

Your kit comes with each layout stacked in such a way that the parts and pieces are in order. If you take it from the packet carefully you will not have to search so much for the pieces to each layout.
You have three individual bags of embellishments.  Since this paper line came with only a sticker sheet and that just isn't enough for some of us (me) I shopped and created embellishments to go with the layouts.  This required more work on my part but I really am delighted with the results.
Explore your embellishments but be aware that if you lose them I cannot replace them.
I used a simple technique of piecing the background on the last page.  I explained it on our facebook page, Michele Makes Art, but simply stated I took one piece of background paper and cut it into two pieces. I left the UPC strip in place  You will find these pieces in your kit.  Glue the smaller piece to the larger piece using the strip as a splice.  It is an easy technique and allows you to use both sides of
 the paper. 


I did a great deal of fussy cutting in this kit.  In the picture above you can see that I cut out the printed doily shape from a card and then took the larger 5x5 piece you will find in the kit and cut a shadow of the shape.  Behind this I tucked a striped heart and faux glass heart I made for you.

If as you are putting your layouts together you would prefer to use the opposite side of the paper please do.  These are your layouts and you should make them your own!

I hope you will have fun putting these layouts together.  Your March Life(365) will be ready on the 20th of the month.

These kits are shipping today.


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