Friday, May 17, 2013


My dad held me holding my baby sister, Patti, the day she came to live at our house.
I think if you know me at all you know I am the eldest of two.
I don't remember a time without her and I know she would tell you the same. 
We were always "Patti and Michele".  She got top billing and I can't remember ever minding that.
She is two years younger.
I am 22 months older.
(Isn't it funny how that works)
I wanted to introduce my friends who may follow me on this blog and most certainly my children and grandchildren and generations to come to my those most important in my my friends and to the people I most admire.  Patti falls into all those categories
I have decided Fridays are the perfect day of the week to introduce you to someone new and Patti is the first of many.
This picture was taken 58 years ago. 
We are as closely connected as ever.  That is the way with us.  Although not all sisters are as connected I know some who are and they will understand (Joyce and Jo) that a day without your sister is a day without sunshine.
Here are a few of our growing up pictures with a more current one thrown in for good measure.
If you hadn't guessed I love Patti...she is the other side of me.  Someday we will grow old together...I will cook and she will gather eggs for breakfast.
 My dad's favorite picture of us

Junior High School in a photo booth at Woolworths

 High School...Senior Year for me Junior year for Patti

Love you little sister...see you in two weeks

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  1. Ah my sister my sister .....there should be a word that means more then sister and more then friend, more then mentor, more then love, more then companion and more then perfection!! You are my I love are my in to your out, my up to your down, my sad to your happy, my empty to your full, my anything to your everything.....I love you to the moon and back again!!