Thursday, May 16, 2013

What I would tell this girl...

I am starting my own blog.
In time I am sure it will be full of the most interesting things.
Artsy things
Thought-provoking things
Funny things
Family things
Food things
All kinds of things...
but tonight as I start this blog {and assuming I will be one of the only ones to read it} I have something I want to tell my younger self.

  1.  You are always have been and you always will be.  There will be days {too many of them} when you will doubt this but it will be true every day of your life.  You are enough.  And to the people in your life who make you feel like less I suggest you surgically remove them so they will never have the power to make you doubt yourself again.
  2. Don't compare yourself to anyone.  No one else has the same exact qualities, talents, and experiences you have so it is silly to compare yourself.  You are unique.  You are perfectly you.
  3. Don't be afraid.  Fear stops us.  It sets our feet in cement. Be BRAVE every day.

 4.          Do what you know is right...all the time.  Don't waiver in what you know you should do.  Don't sell yourself cheap.  You are great and you can be an example by doing what's right.
5.            Choose good friends.  You will need them throughout your life.  Choose true friends not friends of convienence.  True friends will always tell you when you are out of line...they will love you that much.  They will let you be sad but they won't let you wallow in it.  They will tell you to pull up your socks and get on with it.
6.          When you find someone to spend your life with be sure you look for someone who has more than good looks.  They are important but they are not everything.  Pick someone you will still like to have dinner with in 40 years.  Pick someone you will will still like and respect.  And be careful because break ups only get worse the older you are.  Oh and it is important to pick someone who can make you laugh...even at yourself.
7.          Find something to believe in.  Something greater than yourself.  Something greater than anything you ever thought could be.  That is important too.
8.          Do what you love.  You are going to have lots of carreers in your life.  Make sure you love every one of them.
Last and most important.  Love yourself.  Be gentle with yourself.  Take care of yourself.  Be your own best friend.  You have to live with the woman you create so be the best you can be and know it is enough.