Thursday, May 23, 2013


Introducing Emery Jane Williams
Grandchild #4
Granddaughter #2
and on and on and on!
Today a special letter came from Emery!  She drew a picture of she and Poppo and me.  It is perfect!  She loves us!  It made my day and since this is Friday Intro day I am introducing you to...
This is special attention to the smile because it never changes!  This smile is ever present on Emery

Emery has her own sense of style.  She knows just who she is and at the great age of 6 she will tell you exactly what looks best on her!

Emery loves being outdoors.  She is like bottled sunshine!

Emery loves to draw...she is getting better and better at it and has made me promise we will have lots of art days while she is here for the summer.

Emery is helpful although on this day she said she could do her job faster than Isa with one arm tied behind her back.

Emery Quote of the Year
Emery: I want to mow lawns this year.
Liam: You are too little to mow...who do you think you are Alexander the Great?
Emery: No, but I am Emery the Almost Great!
(see Gramachele rolling around on the floor laughing her head off!)

This is Emery's poopy face.  It doesn't show itself often...only when she really wants something badly and the answer is no...this day it was pierced ears.

This is Emery's best friends and sister Isabelle

Emery isn't afraid to see life from the highest point!

Emery loves dress up

Emery with Colin, Liam and Isa

Emery learned to quilt this year and she did a very good job.

Emery and Mommy giggle-fest

Emery wants to be a rock star like Taylor Swift when she grows up.  I think she is already a rock star!

Remember what I told you about style?  She is rockin' mom's boots!

Emery is generous.  This year she donated her hair to locks of love.  She is cute with short hair too!

This was Emery at a day old.  Those eyes are wiser than her age belies


1st Christmas
Emery and Daddy

Emery and me
In a little less than two weeks Emery will come to spend the summer with us.  She will bring with her her brothers and her sister and her mommy and daddy.  I cannot wait.  Time spent with these priceless loved ones means more to me than any other thing. Because they live so far away from us we have never had so much time to spend with them.  I am so is Dennis.
I get to be a grandma. He gets to be a grandpa
I get to be a friend. He does too
I get to share my summer with those I love. Ditto.

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